Retirement Communities in Ecuador

Why is Ecuador so popular and why did International Living Magazine rate Ecuador at number one in their report: ‘The Best Places in the World to Retire in 2010’

It doesn’t take much research to understand the amazing appeal of Ecuador as a place to retire. Since International Living Magazine published its 2010 report “The Best Places in the World to Retire”, naming Ecuador as the number one location, there have been a large number of sites explaining the benefits to retirement in Ecuador, not least the cost of living, weather and low crime rate.

Why are so many retirees seeking a new life in expat retirement communities outside the USA and Europe? What is the problem with staying at home?There are a number of key problems facing couples and individuals who have reached the time in their life when they want to enjoy what should be the best years of their life.

People retiring in the USA and Europe are finding that their pension does not go as far as it used to for example, a $2000/month pension represents a subsistence living for most Americans, with little left for either leisure or emergencies. Whereas in Ecuador the same $2000 will cover all living expenses, comprehensive health cover and still leave about $1000 per month for travel, entertainment and anything else you want.

Another factor that many retirees consider is the long cold winters in North America and Europe. By moving to a location on the Equator, you can benefit from a constant weather system and warm temperatures all year round.

These factors are all well known and easy to research. In this special report we will investigate the 7 key question people are concerned about when deciding on a move to Ecuador.

  • Will Healthcare Be To The US/European Standard?
  • What About Crime, Will I Be Safe?
  • Will I Be Able To See My Family?
  • What About The Language Problems?
  • Is The Food Good?
  • Transport – Will I Be Able To Get Around OK?
  • What About My Favorite TV Shows?

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