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Come see Ecuador for yourself – on us!

Making a move to any new home, even one that is in a beautiful country and provides for a luxury life still needs to be checked out. One of the most common things people say is that they have heard great things about Ecuador and the retirement communities there but they have never actually been there themselves and don’t know for sure if it would suit them.

This is a very important consideration, you really must check it out for yourself and the only way to do that is to get on a plane and go there. BUT, then you have the consideration that you have to organise accommodation, transport in country and you really wouldn’t know where to go once you got there anyway.

With all these considerations most people simply put of going to see what for so many people is now a luxury home in a beautiful paradise location.

So … how can this be made so simple that it becomes a joy to do?

It’s simple, we will do it all for you, all you have to do is get on a plane to Quito International airport (the capital of Ecuador) and we will do the rest. We will pick you up from the airport, transport you to Cotacachi, accommodate you for 5 days and make sure you really get to see the area and get to see exactly what it is like to live here. Then at the end of your stay, we will drop you back at the airport in time to catch your flight home.

We are putting on a tour of our complex in Cotacachi as well as other places of local interest to create awareness and really allow you to get a feel for the country and area.

This is the deal – You will have to make your own arrangements to get to Quito International airport (make sure you let us know your exact plans, flight details, arrival date and time etc). Once there, at our expense, we will meet you at the airport, deliver you safely to Cotacachi, accommodate you for up to 5 nights and safely deliver you back to catch your flight back to the USA or wherever – ALL ON US. No catch here, genuine offer from us to you. AND, as an EXTRA bonus, for those who commit to buying and sign up, we will offer a further $500 discount off the condo price to help offset your AIRLINE TICKET COST.

The idea here is to let you see for yourself that this is the right environment for you. I know that when you see for yourself you will fall in love with this country just the same way Anita and I have done. It’s all up to you, you are in the driving seat of your life, so when would now be a good time to take the next step? If nothing else you will have a great trip – on us!

Offer is open through July 30th 2011  and spaces are limited – so contact us today by clicking the contact us tab now.

Retirement Communities Are Not All Equal

As the latest most modern retirement community in Ecuador gets under way, we take a quick look behind the scenes at the build quality and find out a little more about the builder.

Wherever you choose to retire, it is important to know that your retirement community has been built the highest standards and that your investment is safe for the long term. With this in mind construction at Hacienda De Las Flores has been carefully managed right from the drawing board. The best architects designed the community and now the builder working the project is one of the top three builders in the entire country.

This week the foundations were laid for the first buildings in the project and the it is clear to see that the builder is using only the best materials and the best building practices to ensure this development will be the premier retirement community in entire region. With Hacienda De Las Flores being set in the majestic landscape of the Ecuadorian highlands, no expense has been spared to ensure that your luxury retirement home represents not only the best in comfort, but also a great investment for the long term.

Several buyers have already decided that the best way forward is to purchase the condos as an investment, renting them out both to retirees that want to split their time between the USA and Ecuador and to holiday makers that simply want to enjoy a few weeks in this idyllic setting when the weather back home is not at its best. It is true to say though that most of the buyers plan on being resident in the area and will form a great addition to the thriving expat community in Cotacachi.

As building continues, we thought you might like to see the build quality of the finished properties by looking at some similar condos build by the same builder. This shows you more vividly what the final result will be.

Retirement Communities Livingroom

Retirement Communities Bedroom

As you can see, this project is designed to provide you with the level of luxury and comfort you could only dream of back home, at a price that simply can’t be beaten.

Retirement Communities Kitchen

Retirement Communities Diner

Right now is an ideal time to come and take a look for yourself. When you’re deciding on a place to retire and a retirement community that will suit your lifestyle, I know you will want to see it all for yourself. So take contact us today and we will be happy to help you arrange for a great vacation to Cotacachi and a chance to experience life as it should be.

Contact us today to find out more about this project and to find out how you can enjoy a wonderful vacation here, before you decide which retirement community gets your vote.

The Latest Investment in a Luxury Retirement Community Gets Under Way as More Americans Retire in Ecuador

With Ecuador being named number one location to retire by International Living Magazine for 2010, wealthy property investor Don McGrae began his single largest building project to date, building a 150 condo retirement community in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

In the warm sun of the Ecuadorian rural highlands, building commenced on the latest luxury assisted living retirement community in Ecuador this week, with the official ground breaking ceremony at Hacienda De Las Flores, in Cotacachi, the beautiful highland town in northern Imbabura Province.

Cotacachi is a tradition artisan town famous for its leather goods and handicrafts. Its location on the Equator means that the temperature in the city is relatively constant all year round, whilst its position in the highlands mean that the temperature rarely rises much above 78F in the day time or below 50F at night, which provides for a very pleasant all year round spring.

The Hacienda De Las Flores will be the first custom designed and built luxury retirement community in Cotacachi. Phase 1 comprises 70 condominiums within the gated community complete with leisure facilities, community center and beautiful landscaped gardens. Once these have been completed, phase 2 will expand the community to a total of 150 condos, creating a vibrant community.

Ever since International Living Magazine named Ecuador as the number one global retirement location in 2010, there has been a massive increase in interest and investment in this cost effective place for those seeking a better life to retire. With the US Dollar as the country’s official currency, the risks of a fluctuating Dollar exchange rate are completely removed and the stable democracy and low crime rate provides for an environment that cannot easily be found elsewhere.

Don McGrae, dug the first hole to commence the project and commented that “this is a momentous occasion – one that signals the growing popularity of Ecuador for Americans and Europeans seeking a better life after work, free from the financial worries back home.”

With the building project now in full swing, the first residents are due to move in in the last quarter of 2011. The condominiums have already gone on sale and are expected to be sold very quickly, further underpinning the desire for people to enjoy a luxury lifestyle in their old age.

At the ceremony were a number of local dignitaries, expats and local residents, all of whom enjoyed a wonderful warm afternoon and champagne reception, showing that the local government and community are keen to see an influx of pension rich Americans to boost the local economy. It is little wonder that retiring expats receive such a warm welcome from the locals.

Retirement in Ecuador

Ecuador Emerges as the World’s Most Affordable Retirement Destination

Named after the equator it straddles, Ecuador is a Latin American country rapidly becoming a retirement destination for expats looking for a luxury lifestyle on a shoe string budget.  It is one of the smaller countries in Latin America, Covering a landmass of 283,560 km2 (by comparison the UK is around 245,000 km2), and with a population of around 14 million, but it offers a diversity of nature and climates difficult to find in other countries, from the dry and arid southern coast, to the perpetual spring conditions in the rural highlands.

Ecuador has risen in popularity as a retirement destination for North American expatriates – and where the Americans lead Europeans are now following.  So it’s time to get your head round the fact that Ecuador is indeed a stunning place, not only to visit, but to live in retirement too.

The cost of living in Ecuador is very low and the lifestyle on offer is extremely good.  Cotatcachi, is the latest location for people to retire in Ecuador, its year round spring like climate, good healthcare facilities and range of shopping facilities being a draw.

Retirement in Ecuador is possible if you can prove via 3 months bank statements that you’re in receipt of a pension over $800 per month and have another $100 available per dependant.  If you’re in receipt of annuities or are a trustee you can also live off money deposited in an Ecuadorian bank account.

If you’re not in receipt of a pension you can apply for the “investor of real estate or securities visa”.  This visa can be applied for with an investment of $25,000 in property in Ecuador, or if the same sum is deposited into an Ecuadorian bank account.

With luxury assisted living condominiums in a gated community starting from $69,000, you can easily qualify simply by choosing to live there. So, Ecuador is a highly desirable location to retire and relatively easy to get a visa for.

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Retirement in Ecuador


Why is Ecuador so popular – why did International Living Magazine rate Ecuador at number one in there report: ‘The Best Places in the World to Retire in 2010′ Continue reading

Retirement in Ecuador


Why is Ecuador so popular – why did International Living Magazine rate Ecuador at number one in there report: ‘The Best Places in the World to Retire in 2010′ Continue reading